School Policies » Reporting a Student Absence

Reporting a Student Absence

Prompt and regular attendance is essential for successful school work. Students are excused from school for an illness,  doctor appointment or bereavement.


When a student is absent, the parent/guardian MUST call the attendance office at 317-5188 within 24-hours or send a note to clear the absence. The answering machine is available 24-hours a day.
The auto-dialer will contact the student's home informing the parent/guardian of any unverified absence in any period during the previous school day. When the student returns after the absence, he or she MUST report to the attendance office between 8:00 - 8:15 AM for an ADMIT SLIP. Students reporting to class without an admit slip are marked tardy and sent to the attendance office to get the slip.


When a student misses any of his/her classes due to a medical appointment, he/she should present a note from the parent/guardian to the attendance clerk by 8:15 AM with the following information:

  • current date
  • time the student should leave EMS
  • reason for leaving
  • parent's/guardian's signature.

The attendance clerk will issue an Off Grounds Pass which needs to be signed by an adult during the medical visit or by the parent/guardian. Upon returning to school, the student needs to present the signed pass to the attendance clerk.


If a student will be unable to attend school for a period of three or more days due to an injury or illness, the parent/guardian must contact the attendance office. Students MUST provide a note from a doctor for their absence due to an injury or illness.


A parent/guardian may request an Independent Study Contract 5 days in advance when a student will miss between 5 and 10 days due to an extended illness, OR planned absence. The parent/guardian is responsible for verifying that listed assignments are completed and returned to the attendance clerk in order for the student to receive credit for their work.



When the final bell rings for the beginning of each class, all doors will be closed and locked. All tardy students need to go to the Attendance Office to get an admit slip. Their admit slips will show their total tardies and the consequences assigned. The auto-dialer will call home each time to report the tardy.



There may be times when a student needs to leave class (for example, to attend a meeting, get ready for a performance, etc.). The teacher will give the student a hall pass to carry. (It notes where they're going and when they left). During class time, students must have a hall pass when not in class.
It is expected that students use the restrooms during breaks, lunch and passing times. Students in the halls during class time without a hall pass will receive the consequence in alignment with our discipline guidelines. If a student becomes ill between classes, he/she should go directly to his/her next class to get a pass to the attendance office.