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Principal's Message


June 2, 2020

Greetings Families!

Prior to this week’s update, I would like to share some of my own personal thoughts on recent events that have taken place:

One week ago, we witnessed the life of yet another unarmed Black man, George Floyd, taken at the hands of the police. This has become a common experience, and it is all too common for our children to witness violence perpetrated against African-Americans by law enforcement. At a time when we are already experiencing a global pandemic that has disproportionately affected the lives of Black and Latinx families, the need for safety and security is more important than ever for us and our children. Instead, our children have had to grapple with the unfair questions: “Am I next?” or “Is a member of my family going to be next?” or “Could this happen to me?” These questions are not caused by a so-called bad apple but by a system rooted in racism.

When I watched the video of George Floyd’s murder, I was overcome by feelings of anger and hopelessness. I have not seen positive change take place in recent years despite the presence of cameras and the many public discussions resulting from the killings of the seemingly endless list of people of color, particularly Black men. I am concerned for our community—not primarily because of the destruction of property, which is a disheartening symptom of the perpetual inequity in which we live--but mainly because 11, 12, and 13 year-olds have to bear witness to the loss of life and subsequent blaming of communities that are seemingly under attack from all sides.

Our role as educators is to serve our community, and even though my remaining time in this community is brief, I want you to know I support those of you who have been affected-physically, emotionally, and psychologically. If there are additional ways we can be of service to you during these trying times, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In solidarity,

Elisha Jackson, Principal

This week’s update:


Instruction for the year ended last week. Students are still able to submit work until this Friday for credit.

Returning/Picking-up Materials

This week, 6/2-6/4, campus is open for students to return textbooks and clean out their PE lockers. We did have to adjust the schedule because of the 6 pm curfew imposed this week. If the time for your child’s grade doesn’t work, you may come during one of the other windows of time. If not time works for you, you can email me at ejackson@slzusd.org, and I will get back to you as soon as possible to try and figure out an alternative. For now, all students should keep Chromebooks UNLESS the student is leaving the district next year. Students leaving the district should return their Chromebook next week. We will be practicing social distancing, and we ask that everyone on campus wear a face covering.

Tuesday, 6/2

Wednesday, 6/3

Thursday, 6/4

9 am-11 am

12 pm-2pm

1 pm-3 pm

8th grade+siblings

7th grade+ siblings

6th grade+siblings


Our plan is to stream the promotion via an online platform on June 8 at 4 pm. Once we have decided what we platform we will use (eg Facebook Live), I will provide this information via Blackboard.


For the time being, please hold on to Chromebooks that we loaned out unless you will not be returning to the district. If you are not returning to the district next year, please return your Chromebook at one of the above times.


We are working with QUAD on the possibility of offering some form of summer programming, including an intervention program. Someone may be reaching out to you with information once our plan is solidified.


The start of the new school year is only a couple months away, and we are preparing to do remote registration. In order to help with this, we will be sending home some information that we ask you complete and some reminders to help you prepare for next year.

Info from previous updates:


  • You have access to EMS staff members by phone or email, and their information can be found in the “Remote Learning Staff Directory” under the “Remote Learning” tab on the website.
  • Lunch will be available daily at Hillside Elementary School from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • For all your questions related to information on the website and online needs, in general please feel free to reach out to us according to the following schedule. You will receive live support from an EMS staff member.

Mondays 8:30AM - 9:30AM (510) 306-2271

Tuesdays 12PM - 1PM (415) 562-4182

Miercoles en Español 8:30AM to 9:30AM (510) 431-2706 o 

           9:30AM - 10:30AM (510) 736-0398

Thursdays 10AM - 11AM (510) 925-2643

Fridays 4PM - 6PM (510) 269-7427

I hope that you continue to stay safe and find ways to stay connected.


Mr. Jackson

Edendale Middle School

16160 Ashland Ave/San Lorenzo, CA 94580