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Student and Family Tech Resources

How to Login to Zoom!
Having trouble? Follow these steps:

If you've been having trouble with Zoom, follow these steps:

1. Before you click on the link, go to your apps/waffle.

2. Click on Zoom SLZUSD. When it asks you to Choose an Account, make sure you click on your school account.

3. Don't do anything in Zoom; just leave the tab open.

In another tab, go to Google Classroom and click on our Zoom link.


Logging in to Zoom- English

Logging in to Zoom- Spanish

Logging into Zoom- Chinese

Please take a moment to complete the Student Technology Needs Survey and Agreement below to communicate your student's needs and abilities for the 2020/2021 school year. This survey only needs to be taken one time. 
How to Log in to Google with your student account

Google Translate - English audio - https://youtu.be/KmPdpDpirAo


Google Translate - Spanish audio - https://youtu.be/v_5jncBpv20