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Welcome to Mr. Miller's Teacher Page

I was born and raised in San Lorenzo and love this community! When I’m not at Edendale, I’m usually out hiking in nature or at the Coliseum enjoying bay area sports.

Inspired by
Science is a way of life. Science is a perspective. Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding in a manner that's precise, predictive and reliable - a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional.” - Brian Greene

“Intelligence plus character- that is the true goal of education” -MLK

UC Davis

District Tools I Use 

I take attendance using Aeries. You can stay on top of attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or Aeries App

Report Cards
I use Aeries to generate report cards. Families can view report cards through the Aeries Family Portal.

Other Tools I Use
RocketLit, a website with science articles and quizzes.