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EMS Library Expectations

Computer Policy
  • Computers are available for student use before school, during break, lunch, and after school..
  • The computers are for school use ONLY. Games, social media, and any streaming site is not allowed.
  • Going on to any unauthorized sites will result in loss of computer use.

Overdue Notices

  • All checked out material is stamped inside the front cover with a due date.  This is the student's notice of when the material needs to be returned in order to avoid overdue notices.
  • As a courtesy the library sends out bi-weekly overdue notices of books and unpaid fines. 
  • Notices are given to the student's 6th period teacher, and students are responsible for taking care of returns and fines that week.
  • If the student has not cleared by the 3rd notice, a detention is assigned.
Circulation Policy
A current EMS ID is required to check out material.  You must have an ID with you to check out material.
  • There is a 5 book check out limit.
  • Fiction, Non-Fiction, Foreign Language and Biography books have a 14 day check out period and can be renewed two times for an extended 14 day period if there is no hold on the book by another student
  • Manga and Graphic Novels have a 7 day check out period and can be renewed one time for an extended 7 day period if there is no hold on the book by another student.
  • Resource Books and Comics cannot be checked out.

Fines and Fees

  • Damaged book fees start at $2.  Severely damaged books will be charged replacement cost.
  • Any material that is 2 months or more overdue will be charged to the student as if lost.
  • Payment or fines can be worked off if there is a financial hardship.  Student should talk to Ms. Kaye as soon as possible to discuss the fines