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Grades (Aeries + Grading Calendar)

Aeries Family Portal 

Parents and students have separate Aeries Portal Accounts. Students have logged into their Aeries accounts last year, using their as their username.


'Gradebook' vs. 'Grades' on Aeries 

"Gradebook" is where you see current grades, and assignments. We recommend that you check your student's grades at least once a week.


"Grades" are overall grades for Progress Reports and Report Cards for each academic quarter.

To view your student’s progress report or report card, please follow these steps. 

  1. In the top header, click Grades 
  2. Click Grades in the dropdown.




2023-2024 Grading Calendar






Progress Report Due

September 15

November 15

February 7

April 26

Progress Report to Student

September 19

November 27

February 14

May 2

End of Quarter

October 13

December 22

March 14

June 5

Grade Due Date

October 23

January 16

March 22

June 6

Grade to Student

October 25

January 18 

March 24

June 8